Bikini BootCamp with Jessie Pavelka

Work out exercises with Jessie Pavelka on Ireland AM

When I got the call from the Ireland AM production team asking if I was interested in taking part in exercising with Jessie Pavelka, celebrity fitness coach, showing AM viewers step by step his newest programme, I thought why not…I can do this right :)))

The timing was just perfect for me while I had just started a nutrition and mineral filled juice diet (more of that later) and I wanted to introduce more exercise routines into my weekly schedule. So no better way than to learn new moves from a celebrity trainer! When I googled Jessie it became quickly clear that a/the celebrity trainer wasn’t a woman as I had assumed b/he was responsible for some real drastic transformations on the well known TV show The Biggest Loser and now I started to get scared!!

During his interview with Ciara on how to approach exercising and how to become fitter, he said that you just need to start….in other words do not over think it which is what I tend to do!! I am on a mission now to ‘Beat the Bulge’ which has accumulated in a space of 8 years purely living the life in terms of drinking, eating and not exercising enough so Jessie has made me realise, I just need to start….now!!

Here we were, like the Ab Fab girls dressed in neon colours looking the part and ready to show the viewers how the exercises are done! Launching his new book ‘Programmes’ he had planned a weekly routine, a different exercise routine for each week day which we were going to demonstrate starting on Monday which is cardio based exercise….after Monday, we realised it was going be a tough week! But it made me even more determined to really start exercising more!! Our hearts were beating, sweat was dripping and all vanity disappeared on that gorgeous rooftop terrace at the Marker Hotel in a space of a few minutes!

We never looked so forward to Friday but we had to conquer Tuesday first which were arm exercises, Wednesday is focussing on the legs, Thursday is attention to the core and Friday was full body exercise with finishing off with my very much feared ‘burpy’ exercise!

I was wrecked and ofcourse in true TV style we had to do each exercise a good few times making sure they had the right shot, angle, you name it….trust me it was the longest week by far :)))))

Thankfully the Marker Hotel had set up a nice reward by offering us freshly squeezed vegetable juice and paleo style protein balls. Now all that is left to do is waiting for Jessie’s new book to arrive in the post!

Check out Jessie’s new book called ‘The Program: 21 days to a stronger, slimmer, sexier you’ available from Amazon or follow him on Twitter!

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