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waters + wild perfumery

Each year in June, I look forward visiting Bloom Festival in Phoenix Park to get some inspiration from their show gardens. This time around I also came across a true gem at their Fashion Tent…waters + wild perfumes Irish and organic scents!

I recognised Joan Woods – one of the creators behind this amazing concept – from her fashion days when I was busy styling away. She has left the bustling Dublin city now truly behind and settled in the gorgeous countryside of Cork instead.

Spraying myself generously with a perfume is very much part of my daily morning routine while I won’t leave the house without my whiff of my chosen scent. Apart from that, I am also very fussy while I hate cheap, synthetic, sweet, floral smells so I was very curious and could not resist trying her 3 distinct perfume scents she had on display!

Already I was blown away by their created imagery and the way the bottle is shaped and its appropriately designed wooden top but I did not expect such a force majeur in a 50ml bottle! I tried the tuberose + frankincense first which they describe ‘as an exotic blend of intoxicating tuberose and deep aromatic frankincense’ making this scent classic and timeless. I love it!! It’s really strong, unique and this scent would set me up for the day! This scent would also be suitable for a guy while it has that masculine touch to it.

The others 2 choices are:

  • rose + oud which is rose petals combined with a rare, exotic woody oud giving it a mysterious sensual depth. As I said before, I don’t like floral smells but this is not one of those typical rosy style cheap eau de toilette one’s! It’s just refreshingly beautiful.
  • Cedarwood + cognac which is the cedrus atlantica, a warm rich scent mixed with tart cognac and hints of full-bodied, earthy vetiver. Also very powerful and perfect for someone that likes a strong unique smell.

I was well impressed and I think they are a perfect gift to a friend, special one, family event, gift for a hen, baby shower, Good Luck gift ….you name it. The way they have packaged it makes it much more expensive looking than €59!!

I am wishing Joan Woods and June Housden all the success they deserve for waters + wild perfumery!! Its’ a real gem and you just got a new follower!!

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